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The  journey  towards  creating  The  Children’s  Coach  began  over 30 years ago and  has  included  working with  all  ages,  abilities  and  differing  needs-  in  many parts  of  the  world.

My passion has always been education- both teaching and learning. After my degree I went on to qualify as a teacher and then completed a Masters Degree in Education. I have enjoyed a career as a Dramatherapist, Teacher Trainer, Consultant and spent 13 years in Singapore as a Chief Education Specialist and finally setting up my own school.

On returning to England I was concerned that many young people were not reaching their full potential. I decided to explore tools that I could use to support them in overcoming any  problems and allowing them to excel. I qualified as a Life Coach, Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Master Practitioner,  and Stress Consultant. I studied Meridian Based therapies, Relaxation and Mindfulness.


The results of The Children’s Coach are so successful due to the powerful combination of Education and Therapies. We run Programmes in schools for all ages and differing needs, a mentoring initiative, create tailor made Programmes for schools and organisations, lead public workshops and individual coaching.

I look forward to supporting your young person in their journey to be their best. 

Warm Wishes,

Jo Bivens AKA Ms Joyful Jo! 

 MEd, BA Hons,  FRSPH, FRSA, LLAM, LLAM(Ed),  MASC, MASC(Corp), SAC Dip. 

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Masters Degree in Education, MEd, 2002

Bachelor of Arts Honours Degree, English and Drama, BA(Hons) 1993

Diploma of Licentiateship in Drama in Education, LLCM(ED), 2001

Licentiate Teachers’ Diploma, LLAM, 1999

Stress Consultants Diploma, MASC, 1996

Stress Consultants Diploma, Corporate Stress, MASC (Corp), 1999

NLP Practitioner, 2012

NLP Master Practitioner 2014

Life Skills Coaching ASET Level 3, 2009

Life Skills Caching Diploma, 2009

 SAC Dip (Life Skills Coaching), 2008

Certificate in Personal Life Coaching, 2008


Meridian Based Therapies, 2012

Understanding Young People’s Challenging Behaviour, 2012

Art of Life Coaching, 2012

Pre 16 Peer Mentoring Co-ordinator, 2010


Awarded Fellowship of Royal Society of Public Health FRSPH, 2013

Member of The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council, 2013