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The Children's Coach 

                    Creating Confident Young People

Our Programmes for Schools

“The programmes have been a tremendous success for all involved due to your high quality delivery and ability to make every child feel extremely special”- Head teacher


“I feel that the opportunities that have been provided for our children have been fantastic. The improvements have been visible across all subjects”- Teacher


“Amazing results! Teachers reporting greater involvement in class discussions and motivation across the curriculum”- Lead Behaviour Professional


“We have worked with The Children’s Coach for a number of years now and feedback from children has invariably been positive and the proof has been seeing primary age children, lacking confidence and self-esteem, grow into positive young people, willing to support others and act as ambassadors for the work they do”.- Head teacher 


Little Leaders 


Developing leadership skills in the early years (Infant School)

Levels 1 and 2

Reach For The Stars

Developing Self Esteem and Confidence: Yrs 3 to 6

Levels 1-4

Moving On Up

Transition from Junior to Senior School: Yr 6

The Excellence Academy

Being your Best!- Yr 5 or 6

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Little Leaders aims to develop skills that the young people need to be successful in school and life. We discuss a different skill each week, learn and practice an exercise to support the children in this area and record our ideas in our Little Leaders booklet before presenting to the group.


At the end of the Programme the young people are awarded with a certificate and a Little Leaders  Badge- which is often worn on their school uniform, like a prefect or school council badge. The Little Leaders will be encouraged to support other children around the school in their Leadership role.

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“I am now more fabulous and have learnt good things”- Brilliant Benjamin


“Little Leaders is super”- Terrific Tessa


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“I am now a Leader”- Adorable Afrah

“I have learnt lots of new things”- Excellent Ella

“I have learnt to be great”- Lovely Lola

“Little Leaders is the Best”! – Jolly Julia

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Each week we explore a practical tool in
order that the young people can overcome an obstacle and be their best. These include Listening, Feeling Confident, Being Calm, Relaxation, Being Motivated, Concentrating, Presenting yourself effectively...and many more areas over the 3 Progressive Levels of this Specialised Programme. 


Young people are encouraged to share the exercises they have learnt with their teacher and at home, and Levels 2 and 3 Create their own Excercises which they teach memebers of the group. 


At the end of the Programme students are awarded with a certificate and a Reach for the Stars Badge- which they are encouraged to wear on their uniform, with pride.

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“The self-esteem of the children who have taken part in the programme has grown. The teachers report that they are now more confident to ‘have a go’; they contribute more in lessons and are less concerned about learning through making mistakes.


This is because they recognise that their contribution is valued and they have a heightened sense of self- worth” – Head teacher


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‘The bestest thing I have ever done in the whole world’- yr 2


‘My favourite group ever’- yr 4


‘Great and cool and a happy place to go’- Yr 5


‘Saw a massive difference in confidence and self esteem, particularly with quiet girls’- Yr 4 Teacher

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Moving On Up equips young people with the tools for a successful transition to High School.

The young people have the opportunity to explore any concerns and have all their questions answered.

Our team of Student Coaches act as ‘Moving on Up’ Mentors, co- teaching some of the sessions and creating a buddy system so that the young people have a circle of support and friendship at the High School.

At the end of the Programme the Student Coaches hold a Sneak Preview Event where the group spend an evening at the High School. They will be  will be presented with a Certificate and trophy in assembly to acknowledge their achievements.

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“Before Moving on Up I felt very worried about going up to High School. Now I feel confident and happy”. Holly


‘I am ready to go to High School now’

This is awesome- the best of the best!”- Best Billy


“Moving on Up helps to free your worries of going up to High School”


“The Sneak Preview was fun and inspirational”


“It made me feel excited about going up to High School”


“You will love it!”


“It made me feel lots more confident”

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The EXCELLENCE ACADEMY aims to develop the qualities required for young people to be their best. 

Each week we explore a different quality of excellence- including teamwork, manners, communication and presentation skills, self belief and leadership skills.There's  lots of discussion, role play, group challenges  and presenting. Each week there will be a sports session (including rock climbing and trampolining) where the young people can demonstrate each quality.  

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The young people are supported in their work by our  team of Student Coaches- students who have also been through one of our Programmes and now support others in their journey.

The Programme concludes with a ‘Celebration of Excellence’ Event in which the school, family and friends are invited to join us celebrate the young people’s achievements.

“This was the best time
of my life”- Handsome Harrison


“It has helped me to
become a better person in life”- Marvellous Mia


“The Excellence Academy
has helped me to believe in myself”- Delightful Desteny


“The Excellence Academy
has helped me to improve everything at school”- Magical Maddy.


“You’re all so beautiful and I have really enjoyed it. When I go home after the sessions I am
proud of myself and happy” Beautiful Bethany.


“I don’t want it to end!” Magnificent Megan 

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