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The Children's Coach

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The Young Mentors

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Our team of Young Mentors are the young leaders of The Children's Coach. They have been through one The Children's Coach Programmes so they are in the best position to assist in co-creating and co-delivering our School Programmes. They volunteer their time to inspire other young people to be their very best, and have achieved many inspirational Awards for their work and national acclaim. We are proud to be an organisation that works with young people for young people.

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Hey, my name is Adorable Ashleigh and I have been a Student Coach with The Children's Coach for 5 years. I love being a Student Coach because my passion is about making a difference. 

My role within the group enables me to be an effective team player and it helps me to gain and develop my skills. It keeps me active and focused.

I love being a Student Coach because my support and  positive attitude comes across to the young people and they look up to you like a role model. I love seeing them grow. But the most powerful thing is knowing that you have done something to to proud of-something that has made a differences in the lives of others. 


“I have been a strong advocate for the work of The Children’s Coach over a number of years. I would like to register my personal thanks and congratulations to the young coaches and mentors, whose hard work and enthusiasm has improved the life chances of their younger peers”- Headteacher

“I think the mentors are really generous as they give up their time by choice to make a difference”- Magical Madi

“The Student Coaches were like best friends to us. They cheer you on all the time and support you”- Awesome Alyssa.

 “They’re great to be around”- Perfect Paisley


“Our Student Coaches are inspiring, kind and encouraging”- Kind Kacey


“They respect me and everyone”- Super Shae


“They put the effort in to make you the best that you can be in all that you do”- Terrific Travis